What are Seed Loaves?

A seed loaf is the transformation of nuts or seeds into a well-shaped wheel that is naturally fermented and aged.


The only ingredients I use are the desired seeds, a self-made ferment, fresh water and good salt. This originates something completely new. Although the appearance resembles a cheese, the seed loaf has quite different characteristics.

Its nutrients correspond to those of the seeds used, and are available through the fermentation in an easily digestible form. It contains nutritious vegetable proteins and fats and is free from lactose. A seed loaf, like other fermented foods, has a long shelf life and contains valuable lactobacilli that support intestinal health.

Production and Aging

The loaves are pressed, dried, salted, hung or turned over and cared for every day with lots of love. Depending on the method of production, a seed loaf can weigh more than two kilos and age for a year or more.

During the ripening time every loaf develops a firm consistency and its own special aroma. An aged loaf is perfect for grating and even melts on hot dishes.

And then there’s the taste!

Rather, “the tastes”, because each kind of seed turns into a unique loaf with incomparable aroma. How should I put these into words? At least here is a treat for the eyes to get a foretaste of the different types of seed loaves.

Seed loaf types

Walnut, almond, sunflower, cashew, peanut, pistachio, macadamia, hazelnut, or better sesame? The classic seed loaves differ only in the type of seed and the ferment, which has a subtle influence on taste and consistency and fits harmoniously to the respective nut or seed. The original taste of the transformed nut remains pure and unadulterated and changes only by its ripening time. That alone allows us to create an infinite number of seed loaves with all sorts of nuances.

Of course there are no limits to creativity. The seed loaves can also be varied with herbs and spices, which arouse curiosity in both taste and looks.

Herbal loaves

Now which one tastes best? Try them yourself. It’s not that hard to make seed loaves. Whether at home or professionally, with patience and love everyone can do it…