About Me

Originally I moved to Patagonia to write a book. After several years of traveling and exploring outer and inner worlds I felt the need to express my impressions. I wanted to share them with others and thought I would explode if I did not. But nothing happened. Although I wrote for myself there was no flow, as I knew it from my life, which helped me to continue or to create something specific.

So what did I do? I cooked… and let go of my desire to write.

I continued manufacturing all kinds of food in my kitchen until I forgot that I wanted to write down my experiences. I just kept going, letting my life flow and designing all activities according to my day-to-day feeling.

This is how the fermented seed loaves came into being. When I look back and look at them today, I think it was those loaves that reflected my experience and my creativity. I did not express myself writing but I created these loaves. They fascinated me, and allowed me to delve deeper and deeper into the matter of fermenting nuts and seeds.

And in the end I´ve come full circle, since I wrote down all my experiences. They describe making seed loaves. For me, however, they are much more profound since they not only reflect the transformation of seeds into a fermented loaf, but also my own transformation.

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